A Trip to Vance Country Ford Reveals That The 2019 Super Duty Is Built for The Big Loads

The workday has begun and it's time to put your vehicle into motion. Pickups are made for getting things done, but like all things they need to be replaced after time. When the moment comes to choose your next pickup, options such as the 2019 Ford Super Duty should be considered for the sheer amount of benefits that it includes.

Getting things done in Guthrie, OK will be a lot easier when you are behind the wheel of the 2019 Super Duty. If you need to tow the big loads, then take comfort in knowing that the Super Duty is built for it. This beast of a truck can tow up to 27,000 pounds with the fifth wheel hitch or a best in class when performing a gooseneck tow.

To aid with hauling these types of loads, the Ford Super Duty has an available trailer reverse guidance system. Using cameras in the side mirrors and guide paths displayed on the center dash screen, drivers are aided in directing the trailer. Guide paths on the screen are constantly adjusted based on steering wheel movement.

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