2 Ford Fusion Tech Features We Love

The Ford Fusion has tech features to make just about anyone happy. We here at Vance Country Ford in Guthrie, OK have daily debates about Ford Fusion's best tech features. We may never settle the debate, but at least we all agree that Ford Fusion has much to talk about. Here are two features that prove our point.

Android and iPhone Compatibility

Yes, the Ford Fusion lets you access your Android or iPhone hands-free while you're driving. Ford's SYNC 3 interfaces with Siri or Google, giving you hands-free access to whatever is on your phone, including Apple Music and Google Music. You can also tap into your phone's other major apps or functions for voice-guided navigation, maps, phone calls and messages.

Your Own Personal Wi-Fi Network

FordConnect transforms the Fusion's cabin into a mobile Wi-Fi network with 4G LTE speeds, thanks to AT&T. The network range extends to 50 feet and supports up to 10 devices simultaneously. Stop by Vance Country Ford in Guthrie, OK today for an up-close, personal introduction to the Ford Fusion.

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