Technology Features Packed in the Ford Fusion Energi

Look a little closer at the Ford Fusion Energi to discover why this plug-in hybrid is popular.

You won't have to worry about blind spot issues in your new Ford Fusion Energi thanks to the Blind Spot Information System. Radars monitor those blind spots behind the vehicle and alert you by flashing your side mirrors, so you know which lanes to not travel into until that area has been deemed clear.

The reason the Ford Fusion Energi is such a popular vehicle is because certain features are working to keep you safe behind the wheel. The rear-view camera will allow you to clearly see everything directly behind your vehicle by just looking at the center console screen and proceeding with caution.

In order to really see those features of the Ford Fusion Energi in action, you need to visit Vance Country Ford and ask to take one out for a test drive.

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