Two Useful Ford Mustang Technology Features

Now that the new Ford Mustang is on the lot at Vance Country Ford, our staff thought it would be a great time to bring awareness to some key systems throughout this vehicle. This popular sports car has some technology features that double as safety systems for keeping motorists safer on the roadways.

The Pre-Collision Assist system in the Mustang utilizes radars technology to be able to scan far ahead and determine if there is a risk of a collision. If yes, the system will begin flashing warning lights and making alert sounds to get the driver to slow, otherwise, will begin to brake automatically to get the car to come slowly to a sop in time.

The Ford Mustang also makes use of a Lane-Keeping System for monitoring the location of the vehicle at any time. When the car drifts out the lane, the steering wheel vibrates to get your attention to correct the position quickly.

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