Extreme Temperatures Can Kill Your Batteries - Here's What to Do

The winter season is always rough for older batteries. Over time, your battery depletes itself of energy, but in colder temperatures, it needs more energy to sustain a charge for the alternator. If you have issues with your battery in winter time from stalling in the cold mornings or flickering lights that lead into a slow engine turnover, you may need to replace your battery with one that has a higher CCA rating.

Extreme heat can also damage low-quality batteries. Due to the chemicals inside of the battery, heat can cause these chemicals to boil and leak through connectors. This causes corrosion and damages to the battery, making it increasingly difficult for the battery to hold a charge.

You can get your battery replaced and upgrade to high-rated battery by talking to the pros in our service center at Vance Country Ford located in Guthrie, OK. With the right battery, you can avoid getting stuck in your driveway during the snowy season!


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