Crucial Information about Synthetic Oil

At Vance Country Ford, we are happy to help Guthrie area drivers understand their cars better. Today, we want to briefly explain synthetic oil and help you decide if your car needs it.

Oil companies sell conventional motor oil and synthetic motor oil. They make conventional oils by pouring additives into natural oil. For additional wear resistance, the companies began producing synthetic oils by precisely mixing materials in laboratories. As a result, synthetic oils resist viscosity breakdown longer than their conventional alternatives. An engine running on synthetic oil can now log more than 10,000 miles between oil changes, but conventional oil can last only 5,000 miles in the same engine.

Modern engines run more efficiently with synthetic oil, and your car's manufacturer may recommend its use. To find out which type of oil your car, truck or SUV needs, check your owner's manual, or call our service center. We can answer any question and conveniently book your next oil change.


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