Keep Your Tire PSI at The Appropriate Level in Order to Maximize Their Lifespan

Since your tires are what make contact with the road while you drive it is pretty obvious as to why you see such heavy wear and tear on them. And since they are not exactly cheap to replace it is only natural that you would want to get the longest life out of them that you can.

You can help this by making sure that you monitor the air pressure in them and keep it at the recommended levels. Over or under inflated tires will wear faster and unevenly.

In between rotations keep a close eye on your tread pattern as well. This is what gives your vehicle traction on the road so it is very important. If you notice severe or uneven tread wear that could signify an underlying issue with your suspension that could be causing that wear.

If you have any other tire related questions the contact one of the service experts here at Vance Country Ford in Guthrie.

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