The Ford Edge is More than Capable

The Ford Edge SUV remains a popular option for families and is more capable than ever before. We have examples of various models and features in Guthrie. Whether traveling during difficult environmental conditions, taking a vacation or needing to keep occupants entertained, Ford has you covered.

The latest all-wheel-drive technology features sensors that continually monitor the traction of each wheel. Regardless of the road or weather conditions, the system ensures that all of the wheels have the power and traction needed to provide a safe and smooth ride.

Ford gives you a higher degree of visibility and makes sure you are viewed by other vehicles thanks to the advanced LED headlights and fog lights. Take your recreation vehicles along on your next journey with the towing package that capably hauls up to 3,500 pounds. You will also appreciate the performance ability of the new Ford Edge when visiting our Vance Country Ford showroom.

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