Reverse Safely and Enjoy the Entertaining Features of the 2019 Ford Escape

One of the harder parts of driving is actually backing up. Driving in reverse requires a lot of attention so that you don't cause any accidents. The 2019 Ford Escape has features that make sure that you are able to reverse safely so that you don't run into anything. One of the reasons we chose this vehicle for Vance Country Ford is because of the safety features.

When backing up, the vehicle has a feature called Reverse Sensing System which beeps if you are close to an object. This helps you avoid running into the object while going in reverse.

Going along with the safety features of the 2019 Ford Escape is the wide variety of entertainment and information options which include SiriusXM satellite radio for a wide variety of high-quality music. You also get to enjoy a panoramic view with the Vista Roof. The steering wheel has a heating feature which makes it easier to keep warm during cold days.

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